In the late 1880’s Friedrich Johann Schroeder came to Americas from Hanover, Germany as a 17-year-old orphan.  He was raised in Shiner and became a lawyer, farmer and rancher.  He married Katharine Elise Wessels from Oldenburg, Germany whose family settle in Runge, Texas.


Friedrich acquired the “Monteola” property on June 6, 1906 near Pawnee in Bee and Karnes County.  The couple had five children born in Runge and the sixth child, Alfred Augusts, was born on the Monteola Ranch in 1908.


Alfred moved to Corpus Christi and married Annie Frances Korczynski from Yorktown, Texas.  Her father was from Krakow, Poland, her mother from Prague Czech Republic.  They lived in Corpus Christi and had two sons, Alfred “Jud” and George.


In the 1950’s the ranch was sold twice to non-family members.  In 1996 Jud and George acquired Monteola thru their Company and later gave the Ranch to the Schroeder Land & Cattle Company, which is owned by their children.  Today the ranch continues as a working cattle operation.


In 2007 Jud and George began developing their gated community and named it Monteola in honor of their grandparents.  It is their desire that “Monteola” families will enjoy the rural environment and enjoy nature at its best.